Natural general Hair Care

Our hair is a reflection of our overall health. The basis of beautiful hair comes from the inside. Animals with a beautiful shiny coat are healthy. We immediately notice the dull fur of the animal that the animal is ill. That also applies to humans. Here are some general advice for taking care of the hair in a natural way to obtain healthy, strong, beautiful and shiny hair.

Healthy hair roots


Shiny, strong and healthy hair is the result of a properly functioning scalp and sebaceous glands and healthy hair roots. As long as we ensure that the scalp is healthy and in good condition, we will have a beautiful head of hair.

Sulfur, silicic acid, iron, arsenic, copper and manganese Our hair contains large quantities of sulfur, silicic acid, iron, arsenic, copper and manganese. Plants that possess these substances will therefore be an excellent hair care product. Like the onion, the birch leaves, the nettle, chestnut and rosemary.

General condition improvement of the hair: silicic acid and lime.
Good hair care can be supported from the inside by taking a natural silicic acid preparation and a biological lime preparation. Excellent is eg Urticalcin.

Care of blond hair: rosemary shampoo, chamomile tea and onion.
The hair can be washed with camomile tea, which is especially good for washing the blonde hair. After washing, take care of the blonde hair with onions hair water.

Washing hair
Never wash the hair with hot water! Rinsing after washing the hair with cold water close the scales, which gives a nice shine.

Hair care

The very best care for the hair is a natural way of life, with lots of movement in the fresh air, healthy and full-fledged food rich in lime and silicic acid. The natural sulfur of an onion is pure pleasure for the scalp. Rub the cuticle thoroughly for half an hour before washing the hair.

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